JULY 27, 2023 at 9AM EDT

VEX and CSAF Summit

Join us on July 27, 2023, at the Cisco offices in Research Triangle Park, NC (and virtual) for a summit and workshop centered around the Vulnerability Exploitability eXchange (VEX) and the Common Security Advisory Framework (CSAF).

This hybrid event aims to bring together software suppliers, government organizations, open source maintainers, and other interested parties to discuss, learn, and innovate on the application of VEX and CSAF in asserting the status of security vulnerabilities in products.


Key Highlights

VEX Summit

Learn from best practices and experiences of different organizations in dealing with and disclosing security vulnerabilities.

Insightful Discussions

Engage in meaningful conversations with industry leaders and experts on the importance and application of VEX and CSAF in today's digital landscape.

Interactive Bake-off

Attendees will have the opportunity to showcase their innovative approaches to implementing VEX and CSAF.

Future of Vulnerability Disclosure

Explore the future of vulnerability disclosure and how VEX and CSAF will shape the landscape.

Venue and Webex

This is a hybrid event. 

Cisco Building 7 RTP


Yes, all participants, whether attending in person or virtually, need to register for the event.

You can register for the event through our website. Please fill out the registration form with your details and select your preferred mode of attendance (onsite or virtual).

At the discretion of the presenter, most sessions will be recorded and made available to registered participants after the event.

  VEX Summit 2023